Marked police cars protect public too |

Marked police cars protect public too

Dear Editor,

I have noticed lately that there are a lot of unmarked law enforcement vehicles that have pulled people over, most likely to ticket them for speeding.

Many, many years ago, an older cousin of mine was out driving in the rural area where she lived. This was way east of Denver. A MARKED police car put on the lights and pulled her over. A man NOT IN UNIFORM got out and came to her window. She had her door locked. He tried the handle and told her to get out. She sped off, and reported it to authorities. They eventually caught the man. He had been using this MO to rape unsuspecting women.

Now we have an influx of these UNMARKED cars. Today I received an e-mail from a friend back east that tells of using *77 on your cell phone to contact authorities. She told this story: A young girl driving alone at night used it to notify the authorities that an unmarked vehicle was trying to get her to pull over. A quick check and it was confirmed that NO officer was in the area. She kept driving, and soon four law officers showed up in their units. They captured a known rapist.

I have always had the opinion that MARKED cars were as much for our protection as much as anything else. UNMARKED cars are making us vulnerable to criminals. How are we supposed to tell the difference? Especially at night?

I, for one, will refuse to pull over for an unmarked vehicle. I do not care what color lights are flashing. I will not try to outrun anyone, but will proceed to a very populated area. I have had this attitude since my cousin’s experience. My husband says that any decent officer would understand my unwillingness to be alone with a man anywhere and my choice not to pull over for a MARKED vehicle, but proceed to a populated area. Apparently they have to respect this right to proceed to a “safe” area. Just put on your flashers so they know you see them and keep going.

Not trying to make law officers’ jobs harder – just women safer. I intend to check out this *77 on my cell too.


I welcome feedback from law enforcement too.

Juanita R. Williams

New Castle

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