Marriage takes an explosive twist |

Marriage takes an explosive twist

Kimberly NicolettiSummit County Correspondent

Oh, come on, Dan: Choosing Mr. & Mrs. Smith was all about not being that 30-year-old guy.Dan was gaining a reputation for seeing such films as Poohs Heffalump Movie, The Wedding Date and Ice Princess alone, so he couldnt bring himself to walk up to the cute girl behind the ticket counter and say One for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Better to be that guy who enjoys watching spouses attempt to blow each other up, I guess.Mr. & Mrs. Smith was about the last movie I wanted to see, but I acquiesced for one reason: Brad Pitt. And beyond enjoying Pitt, I was pleasantly surprised by the plot and dialogue.It starts out in a When Harry Met Sally meets Analyze This fashion; the Smiths go to therapy and try to answer tricky questions about their sex life. Through a flashback, we learn how they met and married five or six years ago, then we witness their present-day lives as assassins.From the trailer, it looked like a stupid cat-and-mouse game with big guns. But violence isnt the only explosive element in the movie. Repartee shoots throughout the dialogue, creating more laugh-out-loud moments than I could count.But the real pleasant surprise in the movie came out of the plot twist however predictable; at least the Smiths dont spend the entire two hours shooting at each other.I agree with Dan that the characters are more caricatures (I couldnt help but think of Lolas big fish lips in Shark Tale), but Pitt and Angelina Jolie infuse the Smiths with a chemistry thats fun to watch. As far as casting goes, Pitts a nice choice, but Jolie is one of the only actresses I can think of with perhaps the except of Sandra Bullock who could pull off the sexy-wife-turned-tough-killer role. Sure, the plots ridiculous, but at no time did I go Oh, come on because of Jolies effort.While Mr. & Mrs. Smith doesnt come close to my favorites list, the movie delivers solid entertainment, much in the way Fight Club does blending absurd violence with humor.

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