Marxist enviros may have the right idea |

Marxist enviros may have the right idea

Dear Editor,

My blood began to boil, yesterday, as I read a “letter to the editor” written by R.T. Moolick. Moolick was responding to an article by John H. Adams entitled, “We need to reduce our dependence on oil, period, not just foreign oil.”

Moolick stated, “We should open all of our resources, including that in Alaska and elsewhere, and develop them for our nation. . Resources left in the ground have absolutely no value if the intent is to just ignore them!”

Moolick continued, “Why turn our rich nation into a poor one just to satisfy the so-called environmentalists who have Marxist leanings?”

Dear Editor, I am a 16-year-old female student from Bridges High School, with too much time on her hands. I took the time yesterday to do some research on our oil productivity and our country’s current affairs with Afghanistan.

I found that it would cost our country more money, about $17 per barrel, to take oil from our own land to use on our dependence on oil. It costs about $18 per barrel to import oil. It costs about $35 to use oil from our own land. Not only are we spending less money to get oil from other countries, we are preserving our own.

Not one day goes by that I do not read an article about the public concerns of oil rigs on our land. To take oil from our own resources would call for us to explore our land and put more holes in the ground, just to get a small amount of oil, at the cost of more money. This usage of our own oil would only make our land value go down, not make our country wealthier.

The statement made about “resources left in the ground” is irrelevant. Who cares if we leave them there? If a person is so set on building our economy, it would be the smart thing to leave our resources where they are. It is possible for other resources to run out. If that was to happen, we would have the oil supply which would make us a very wealthy country. The ends justify the means, right? Save it now, and in the end we’ll be on top.

Another issue involving our dependence on oil is the war in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with the war on terrorism. The war in Afghanistan is purely a chance for the U.S. to reconstruct the government there. If the government is re-established, the U.S. will be able to put a gas and oil pipeline from the Central Asian States through Afghanistan and down to Pakistan. If we reduce our dependence on oil, there will be less of a need for this proposed pipeline. Without this pipeline, we will have less threats made to us from terrorists.

Think about the oil and how it affects our everyday lives. Carpool, ride a bike, support public transportation; by doing this, you will be saving millions of lives, billions of dollars, and the future of this earth. The environmentalists with the alleged Marxist leanings have the right idea.

Cambri Crow


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