Maybe not a real live nephew of Uncle Sam, but Silt man was born on the Fourth of July |

Maybe not a real live nephew of Uncle Sam, but Silt man was born on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July isn’t just a day for fireworks and flags to Dale McCall. It’s also a day for streamers and birthday cake.McCall, who was born on July 4, 1925, also holds his birthday dear because he reveres the American flag, a sentiment, he says, which is only too rare these days.”When I was a kid, practically every house had a flag outside somewhere on holidays. These days, there seems to be a reluctance on the part of young people to display the flag. They just don’t seem to feel the same fervor,” said McCall.This year, on Flag Day (June 14), McCall said that out of the 80 homes in his Silt subdivision, only five were displaying the American flag.”In spite of all our weaknesses and our faults, this is the greatest country in the world,” said McCall. “The flag means freedom and democracy and patriotism. It’s the emblem of our democracy, and it deserves some respect and concern on the part of every American citizen.”It’s a mistake, McCall said, to associate the American flag with any particular political party or agenda. Rather, the flag should simply stand as a reminder of the fundamental tenets the U.S. was founded on.”You don’t have to support the parties in power today. That has nothing to do with the flag. The flag is above all that,” said McCall, who describes himself as a “moderate conservative” who has voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike over the years.McCall traces his deep-seated feelings for the flag back to his service in World War II, during which he served in three campaigns and was part of the backup wave of American troops that landed on the French coast in the aftermath of D-Day, in June 1944.That year, McCall said, was probably the most memorable of all of his Independence Days, even though he’s not sure exactly where he was.”I was somewhere in the French countryside, that’s all I can remember,” McCall said. But it was the knowledge of what he was a part of that has made that particular holiday and year special to him.McCall takes respect for the American flag seriously and wants others to treat it with the same respect.”My feeling is that if you’re going to display the flag, keep it clean, and if it gets torn or soiled, replace it,” McCall said, who said he even offered to buy new flags for people he thought might not have been able to afford one on their own.There’s also a lack of general knowledge of the Flag Code, which is a set of rules, passed by Congress July 7, 1976, governing exactly how the flag should be displayed. For example, the proper placement for the flag on a podium is stage right, to the viewer’s left, with the field of stars angled to the left.The full set of display guidelines are available at said he’s going to celebrate the Fourth of July as he has for the past 25 years running, at a small family party in Vail, where he was a longtime resident before moving to Silt in 2000.A birthday party for both him and the U.S.A.Other famous notable people born on July 4th:President Calvin CoolidgeYankees owner George SteinbrennerPlaywright Neil SimonActress Eva Marie SaintAdvice gurus Ann Landers and her twin Abigail van Buren (aka Dear Abby)Former presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe all died on the 4thsource: http://www.infoplease.comFor proper flag etiquette go to

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