McInnis forests bill is the right approach |

McInnis forests bill is the right approach

Dear Editor,

A lot has been written lately on the subject of healthy forests, and more will be written in the future. Councilman Dan Richardson either didn’t read Congressman McInnis’ proposal titled “Healthy Forests Restoration Act,” known as HR 1904, or he is ignoring the facts. I have a copy of the act and would be happy to share.

The act states in part, “The Secretary concerned shall give priority to authorized hazardous fuel reduction projects that provide for the protection of communities and watersheds.” This statement of priority seems very clear to me.

The act also shortens time limitations for filing appeals and encourages expeditious judicial review of fuel reduction projects – steps greatly needed if we are to take timely action.

I am quite concerned that our City Council would accept documents drafted by the Sierra Club to endorse, an organization that I have found, over the years, to be lacking in ethics.

But then, those opposing Congressman McInnis’ bill have a different agenda. The Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, Aspen Wilderness Workshop and other “preservation” groups don’t want multiple use management or resource extraction on public land, and they will sacrifice anything, including good fuels management, toward that goal.

For those truly interested in forest health, I offer to share the publication titled, “Forest Health and Fire,” prepared by the National Association of Forest Service Retirees. This publication dispels many of the myths connected with fire and forest health, including that only fuels near communities need to be treated.

Richard E. Woodrow

Glenwood Springs

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