McInnis urges support for water district tax |

McInnis urges support for water district tax

Congressman Scott McInnis

Dear Editor,

This November, Western Coloradans will have the opportunity to vote for candidates in several important races, as well as decide on a number of significant issues on the ballot. I want to call your attention to one decision of critical importance to Western Colorado: Referendum 4A.

The Colorado River Water Conservation District placed Referendum 4A on the ballot to prepare for future droughts and to improve water quality and water efficiency across the West Slope.

The Colorado River District has been the leader this summer in solving water problems as they arose across Western Colorado. As a result of their efforts, few of us truly suffered from this summer’s drought beyond the inconvenience of water restrictions. However, longer-term solutions are required to prepare for future droughts or, heaven forbid, if this drought continues. These long-term solutions will require investment. Referendum 4A will provide that investment.

The good news is that the Colorado River District covers fifteen counties in Western Colorado, so a tiny increase in property taxes across the District raises sufficient investment to provide West Slope solutions to Western Colorado’s water supply problems.

Referendum 4A will increase property taxes just $5.00 per year on a $225,000 home. The revenues will be used to rehabilitate existing dams, assist local water quality and water efficiency projects, and to purchase existing federal water storage to ensure permanent, local control of our critical water resources.

You all know that I am loathe to support tax increases of any kind; however, we survived this year’s drought on the investments of past generations, now we must each make a small investment to benefit the next generation. Please join me in voting “yes” for Referendum 4A.

Congressman Scott McInnis

Washington, D.C.

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