Mechanical failure of electrical line ‘likely’ caused Oak Meadows fire |

Mechanical failure of electrical line ‘likely’ caused Oak Meadows fire

A wildfire that erupted at the upper end of the Oak Meadows subdivision along Four Mile Road south of Glenwood Springs and grew to about 44 acres late the afternoon of June 22 was likely caused by a mechanical failure in the electrical lines, not necessarily a transformer, Glenwood Springs Fire Chief Gary Tillotson said Tuesday afternoon.

A construction crew that was working on a water line in the area indicated it may have started at a transformer behind a residence on Aspen Way, at the far south end of Oak Meadows. But Tillotson said that wasn’t exactly the case.

“We haven’t completely concluded the investigative process up there just yet, but we’re leaning towards it being a mechanical failure in the electrical line,” Tillotson said. “It wasn’t necessarily the transformer, but we’re still going through the process and gathering final witness statements.”

Tillotson said that the fire department is expected to finish up the investigation for the cause of the fire within the next 2-3 days.

The fire initially prompted evacuations in the nearby Oak Meadows subdivision as a precaution, but residents were allowed back in to their homes later that night.

As for the Iron Mountain fire that sparked up Monday evening and burned roughly 2 acres, Tillotson said that the area that burned is on Bureau of Land Management land, and falls under its jurisdiction for investigation. According to Tillotson, that investigation was under way on Tuesday.

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