Media needs to hold Bush accountable |

Media needs to hold Bush accountable

Dear Editor,

For democracy to work, it is critical that we have journalists that are willing to hold our leaders rigorously accountable. In post Sept. 11 America, the corporate media has failed us miserably in this regard.

Protests around the world are unprecedented, yet the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge that the world has a Washington problem as well as a Baghdad problem.

It’s impossible to hear Bush speak without being reminded, “Saddam is a madman who attacked his neighbors and gassed his own people.” Which is true. But it is also true that the Reagan administration allowed Baghdad to import disease producing biological materials such as anthrax, west Nile virus and botulism toxins.

And they helped Iraq use these weapons more effectively by providing satellite imagery of Iranian troop positions.

In 1989, a year after Saddam gassed the Kurds, George H.W. Bush signed a directive saying, “Normal relations between United States and Iraq would serve our longer term interests and promote stability in the Middle East.”

How can our journalists allow our government to now claim the moral high ground and use these incidents as justification for a war which will kill at least 500,000 innocents (and could start a third world war) without mentioning that the United States supported Saddam while he was committing these atrocities?

When there is no imminent threat of being attacked, to attack another country is immoral and against international law. When one of Truman’s top military men tried to sell him on a pre-emptive strike, Harry said: “There’s nothing more foolish than to think that war can be stopped by war. You don’t prevent anything but peace.”

Jim Chenoweth

New Castle

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