Media wrongly focused on war protesters |

Media wrongly focused on war protesters

Sunny Stapelman

Dear Editor,

I’d like to know where the holier than thou anti-war protesters were when over 3,000 American and foreign citizens were murdered on Sept. 11? Not one protester showed up in the streets against the killers of these completely innocent people. Not once during the 15-plus years of murdering his own people did these protesters scream about Saddam Hussein being a terrorist, as they have called President Bush.

If it was Al Gore instead of George W. Bush, we would not hear a peep from the protesters. Of course, Al Gore would be looking at the polls and making his moves accordingly.

Tony Blair and our president are to be commended for their efforts in trying to protect our freedom and keep another Sept. 11 from ever happening again. It sickens me that they are instead targets of protest. It sickens me that the news media has chosen to highlight these loud-mouthed anti-war protesters and have chosen to ignore the tens of thousands who have peacefully marched in support of the efforts to disarm this enemy of humanity.

Finally, please remember the negative effects the anti-war protesters had on our troops in Vietnam. We owe it to the men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country’s freedom from terrorism to let them know that our thoughts and prayers are with them.


Sunny Stapelman

Glenwood Springs

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