Meet the Carbondale Trustees |

Meet the Carbondale Trustees

Serving the Public CarbondaleGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Age: 55Hometown: born in Yonkers, NYYears in Carbondale: 16Years on board/as mayor: 5 years as mayor, 3 years as P & Z commissioner (’92-’95), 7 years as P & Z chair (’95-’02)Why did you decide to run for the board? I care deeply about this community. I think we need to take personal responsibility for the places we live in. I thought I could make a difference and I felt I brought the right mix of temperament, personal experience, and professional qualifications to the job of mayor. I guess the voters thought so too.

Age: 45Hometown: Lewisburg, Pa.Years in Carbondale: 13Years on board: 6Why did you decide to run for the board? I was very concerned about preserving the quality of life in town and trying to keep it affordable, and not to have it be like another big-box community like all the others.

Age: 59Hometown: Roswell, N.M.Years in Carbondale: 28Years on board: 7Why did you decide to run for the board? I thought there were some things that needed to be addressed in town and I wanted to address them.

Age: 55Hometown: South TexasYears in Carbondale: 11Years on board: 3rd yearWhy did you decide to run for the board? I found that the trustees at that point were embroiled in so much infighting that nothing was getting done, I thought I would bring something to the board.

Age: 59Hometown: Newark N.J. Years in Carbondale : Came to Aspen in 1971 and moved to Carbondale in 1976 Years on board: From 1982-1992; elected in 2004, re-elected in 2006Why did you decide to run for the board? I decided to run for council in 2004, because I felt I had experience and some historical perspective having lived in town for a few years.

Age: 29 Hometown: CarbondaleYears on board: 3Why did you decide to run for the board? I ran because I care deeply about Carbondale, it has been my familys home for generations. I wanted to have a hand in Carbondales future for my children. This is my hometown, and I hope my children have the opportunity to raise their families here one day as well.

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