Meet the mayor of New Castle |

Meet the mayor of New Castle

Serving the Public " New Castle
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Age: 54

Hometown: Chicago

Years in New Castle: 31

How long on the council: 7 years

When is term up? April 2010

Occupation: Cabinet Maker

Why did you run for Mayor? I wanted to build a park for the kids and I wanted sidewalks in town. Most of all I wanted to be involved and help the town where I live.

Average number of hours per week dedicated to the position? About 5

How much of a commitment is it and how demanding is the position? Nowadays we have a terrific staff. In the old days we had no attorney, no planner and no staff really. So, the council had to be involved in all the committees. It’s less demanding now because we have a great staff.

What’s the best part of being on town Council? We know about projects before anyone else does. It’s exciting to learn about the different laws, water laws and land use laws. Those are very exciting and complicated areas that we get to learn about.

Greatest accomplishment of council while you have been Mayor? They’re everybody’s accomplishments, not just mine. Coal Ridge Park is one that sticks out in my mind. I did a lot of the design work for that project.

Best piece of advice you’d give to a new council member? Every truth contains a paradox. Complex problems don’t always have simple solutions.

How satisfying is it being on city council? It’s very satisfying because we work hard to discuss problems and come up with solutions. And the public seems to support the solutions that we offer.

Frustrations with the position? That it takes time to get things done. When you’re motivated for a cause or project to see it accomplished, you better get ready for it to take some time. That’s how it is if you want to do it the right and legal way.

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