Meet Your Neighbors |

Meet Your Neighbors

Compiled by Stina Sieg
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Age: 76

Lives in: Glenwood Springs (born in Snowmass)

Occupation: Retired

Favorite Book: “I liked this book about Jacqueline Kennedy. It was all about her life. It was given to me by a friend to read.”

Favorite Movie: “There isn’t any favorite movies anymore. My favorite was ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Heidi.'”

Going anywhere fun this summer? “No, just staying around.”

What makes you get up every day? “Because I want to make my life as easy as possible and make it easy for everyone around me. I take my exercises every morning for an hour. I’ve been taking them for seven years, now.”

Age: 28

Lives in: Glenwood (originally from Kansas)

Occupation: Clerk at City Market

Favorite Magazine: “Men’s Health”

Favorite Movie: “Anchorman”

Going anywhere fun this summer? “No. Actually, I’m here, enjoying the outside here.”

What’s one thing that makes you get up every day? “For me, it’s just meeting new people every day. It’s better than staying inside and not meeting anybody.”

Age: 22

Lives in: Glenwood (originally from Los Angeles)

Occupation: “Taking care of my kids.”

Favorite Movie: “13 Ghosts”

Going anywhere fun this summer? “We’re planning on going to California and to Disneyland. I need to go back once in a while to where I was born.”

What’s one thing that makes you get up every day? “Probably my kids (Isaac, 2, and Tiffany, 5,).”

Age: 9

Lives in: Rifle (born in Glenwood Springs)

Occupation: fourth-grader (soon to be)

Favorite Book: “Speed Racer,” by Elizabeth Moran

Favorite Movie: “Iron Man”

Going anywhere fun this summer? “The Summer of Jazz and, oh yeah, I’m going to see my aunt, and we might go to Six Flags.”

What’s one thing that makes you get up every day? “Playing on the computer.”

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