Meet Your Neighbors |

Meet Your Neighbors

Age: 39 From: Rifle Occupation: Teacher Hobbies: Reading, writing, rafting Something interesting about you: My daughter and I have the same birthday, June 8. We just celebrated together.

Age: 43 From: Rifle Occupation: Disabled Hobbies: Four-wheeling, skiing, anything outdoors Something interesting about you: Most people who know me know that I was electrocuted as a lineman. I lost both arms.

Age: 74 From: Parachute Occupation: Retired, volunteer at KSUN hobbies: I like computers and history Something interesting about you: Im a native of this area. I lived here all my life, except for 10 years when I was in the Army and college. I was the mayor before and through the boom.

Age: 52 From: New CastleOccupation: Owner of Needles & Pins hobbies: Needlework, art, handmade jewelry, remodeling anything creative and tactile. Something interesting about you: I won the Lewis Mechanical Award for designing a piece of X-ray equipment.

Age: 32 From: Battlement Mesa Occupation: Pre-nursing and EMT student hobbies: Anything outdoors Something interesting about you: Part of the reason I decided to become a nurse is that when my son Tristan was born, he only weighed 4 pounds. I was amazed to see the life support and care he got.

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