Meet Your Neighbors |

Meet Your Neighbors

Age: 22From: Glenwood SpringsOccupation: Raft guide at Blue Sky Adventurehobbies: Biking, reading, and walkingSomething interesting about you: Squirrels, fun and fascinating.

Age: 58From: Glenwood SpringsOccupation: Owner of the Book Train bookstorehobbies: Reading, gardening, and astronomySomething interesting about you: Ive been living in Glenwood Springs for 28 years and Ive been in the book business for 27 years..

Age: 72From: Glenwood SpringsOccupation: Retired/Massage Therapisthobbies: Tennis, playing the piano, and traveling.Something interesting about you: I joined the United States Information Agency at an age when most people were retiring 52.

Age: 22From: RifleOccupation: Climbing specialist at Summit Canyon Mountaineeringhobbies: Rock climbing, reading, tanning and philosophySomething interesting about you: I just graduated college from Colorado College.

Age: not tellingFrom: Glenwood SpringsOccupation: Working at Mountain Valley Developmental Serviceshobbies: Skiing, snowshoeingSomething interesting about you: I like being around flowers, and if I could be a flower, Id be a rose.

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