Meet Your Neighbors |

Meet Your Neighbors

– Age: 46

– From: Glenwood Springs

– Occupation: Sales clerk at Glenwood Sewing Center

– hobbies: Cooking, sewing, gardening

– Something interesting about you: “I’ve traveled to Taiwan.”

– Age: 52

– From: Rifle

– Occupation: Pharmacy technician

– Hobbies: Crafts

– Something interesting about you: “I’m from a pioneer family. My family has been here well over 50 years. I grew up here.”

– Age: 24

– From: Glenwood Springs

– Occupation: Special education

– Hobbies: Enjoying the outdoors, camping, hiking, writing poetry

– Something interesting about you: “I’m going to start seminary this fall in Colorado Springs.”

– Age: Not telling

– From: Rifle

– Occupation: Shanghai Garden Restaurant

– Hobbies: Riding horses and fishing

– Something interesting about you: “I raised four wonderful children. They’re all still here; and I have eight grandchildren.”

– Age: 47

– From: Rifle

– Occupation: City Market

– Hobbies: Motorcycle riding and woodworking

– Something interesting about you: “When I was a kid we would spend all summer out at Naked Lady Rock. I grew up in Glenwood.”

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