Meet Your Neighbors |

Meet Your Neighbors

– Age: 47

– From: Rifle

– Occupation: City Market

– Hobbies: Hiking

– Something interesting about you: “I was an aircraft mechanist. I helped build the spaceship Columbia in 1980.”

– Age: 39

– From: Rifle

– Occupation: City Market

– Hobbies: Softball and going out dancing with friends

– Something interesting about you: “I’ve worked here at City Market for 18 years.”

– Age: 54

– From: Rifle

– Occupation: Work at home

– hobbies: Spending time with family

– Something interesting about you: “My first grandchild, Gracie Stewart, is 17 months old. I have a second grandchild on the way.”

– Age: 41

– From: Rifle

– Occupation: Photo manager at Wal-Mart

– Hobbies: Gardening and landscaping

– Something interesting about you: “I’ve been married for 16 years. I have five children and one and a half grandchildren ” one on the way.”

– Age: 22

– From: Rifle/Denver

– Occupation: Aviation technology student at Denver Metro

– Hobbies: Pretty much flying

– Something interesting about you: “I shot a hole through the front door by accident when I was in seventh or eighth grade. It was when there was a prison escapee out and my dad had the gun out.”

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