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Six members of the Glenwood Springs Kiwanis Club recently hiked the Hanging Lake Trail to check out the new construction. The group reported that the new Forest Service construction has substantially improved both appearance and “heft.” The modern materials will definitely last much longer than those used in the 1990 Kiwanis building project.Glenwood Springs Kiwanis Club shares a history with the Forest Service and Hanging Lake. In 1986, the club contracted with the Forest Service to adopt the Hanging Lake Trail under the provisions of the service’s Eagle District “Adopt a Trail” program. Walt Stowe, then the Kiwanis Club vice president, signed the contract with the Forest Service in June 1986. From 1986 on, Glenwood Springs Kiwanis has continually worked on the trail, cutting logs, clearing brush, and, in some manageable cases, removing rocks and boulders. In 1986, initial work included using pry bars and shovels to clear trail and to close off short cuts. The club cleared out parts of the stream bed, cut logs, and moved rocks in 1987. In 1988, they repaired the roof of the shelter that is found part way up the trail on the left side (going up), strengthening supports and replacing shakes. Walt Stowe of Ace Roofing, and his kids, were the main people involved in this project. 1989 found people packing welding equipment up the trail to repair the metal railing at the steepest part of the trail. Stan Speck from Kiwanis and Jim Mitchell from Colorado Mountain College spearheaded this job.In 1990, the Club built new boardwalk/deck and benches because the originals were badly deteriorated, to the point of safety concerns. It was a complex project demanding transporting the materials and skilled (and unskilled) labor. For this project the club used a team of pack mules to haul materials most of the way up the trail. Then, at the steepest part of the trail, they formed a “bucket brigade” to pass the new materials up to the lake, one piece at a time. The old materials were passed down the trail the same way. In 1991, Chuck Johnson led the club effort, painting and repairing bridges along the trail. In 1993, Bill Slattery repaired some places in the boardwalk/deck that had come loose, and, in 2001 and 2002, did more repairs and upgraded the boardwalk/deck and benches. In the intervening years (1994-2000) Kiwanians walked the trail, picked up trash, and moved debris where necessary.The club was not involved in the 2010 replacement of the boardwalk/deck because the Forest Service deemed the project too complicated for volunteer labor. Nonetheless, Glenwood Springs Kiwanis Club remains proud of its work in initiating improvements and completing projects that make Hanging Lake one of the premier attractions in Glenwood Springs.

Friday, Oct. 29, saw another successful testing at Brian Mable Karate. Passing the test were Gabi Bartnik, Eric Krauth, Kye Jackson, Ivy Trulove, Aaron Justice and Jennifer Justice with testing board members Brian Mable, Ken Newton, Milada Lee and Pam Whittington, with Alex Henderson overseeing the testing.

Debbie Wilde, director of YouthZone, is proud and thankful to announce a partnership between the Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation and YouthZone. The Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation has generously granted YouthZone $15,000 for school based programs. This is the second year the Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation has partnered with YouthZone.

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