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The PRO TKD Martial Arts Center annual Kick A Thon was successful on many levels. The 3-year-old record of 1,830 kicks held by 17-year-old black belt Nicole Cerdenola was broken by 52-year-old black belt Todd Burkholder with 1,855 kicks in 15 minutes. This will be submitted to the Guinness World Records.Winners in the under-12 division for most kicks were blue belt Jackson Kruse with 1,730 kicks, and most pledges and money was black belt Lisa Kelly. Winner in the over-13 division for most money and pledges was red belt Deb Burkholder.One of the consistent successes year after year comes from the achievement of goal setting. In the beginning of January, all students were asked to set a goal for how many kicks they could do in 15 minutes of continuous kicking. Then, systematically they train for eight weeks till the Kick A Thon date – Feb. 23. Training includes physical, mental and nutritional preparation. This year, 22 people of all ages made the 1,500 club, kicking more than 1,500 times in 15 minutes. The last phase of the Kick A Thon was held on March 22. In January, students were also asked to set goals on how many pledges they would get, a typical pledge being a penny per kick. The other two categories are most pledges and most money raised. All three of these categories are also divided into age groups. After the Kick A Thon, all the participants go back to the people that pledged them. At this time, they are able to say to every one of their pledges how many kicks they did. This is a very powerful exercise and reinforces the benefits of hard work and goal setting. The Kick A Thon was invented and started in 1988 by Master Dae Sung Lee and Master Doug Fuechsel as a fundraiser for the Olympic Training Center Taekwondo Team to get to the national championships. The success of the event has been fine-tuned in the Roaring Fork Valley for the past 18 years and has had great success in the rewards of setting goals, working hard and receiving the benefits of those efforts and as a fundraiser for local talent to become national champions. This year’s focus is on the U.S. Open Hanmadang, held July 13-14 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. This competition covers everything but sparring. Forms, weapons and breaking are performed on this world stage and give local Roaring Fork martial artists an opportunity to test their skills against the rest of the world.

100 Club picks up trash Members of the local 100 Club – from left: John Burg, Gerry Hittinger, Tim Moore, Cindy Ryman, Ray Limoges, Soraya Burg, Tom Neel, Pat Cima, Jon Lindenberg, Rosemarie Troka, Parvin Erlandsen, Roy Davidson, Sylvia Wendrow, Karen Price, Sue Ludtke, Gerry Roehm, Jack Petersen, Michael Larime, Gerry Vanderbeek and Mehrdad Jahani – pose for a picture after picking up trash along Highway 82, a biannual event since 1997. The over-50 adventure club is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year with 300-plus members. Missing from the picture are Ellen Conry, Hal Sundin, Bill Wallace, John Brooks and Steve Kuhn.

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