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Memories & Milestones

Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

Congratulations to Rifle High School students Kelly Coombs, Abby Bernat, Mikayla Baker and Joseph Reyelts for making All State Band this year, and Zach Loving, Elijah Bjurstrom and Hunter Preston for making the alternate list. A total of 876 students from 149 schools participated in the recent All State Band auditions. One hundred and five students from 45 different high schools make up the All State Concert Band that Kelly, Mikayla and Joseph are playing in, and Abby is participating in the All State Symphonic Band, where 59 high schools are represented by 110 students. The hard work and dedication required to make these ensembles is immense, as the students have been practicing since last May.The All State ensembles rehearse and perform in Greeley on April 4-6 at the University of Northern Colorado. This is the first year in Rifle’s history that Rifle High School is represented in every All State band ensemble possible in the state (All State Jazz, Orchestra and Band).

In the summer of 2012 the kids at Camp Run-a-Muk in Carbondale had the opportunity to meet Amanda Boxtel, a local athlete who was paralyzed after a skiing accident. Soon after, they became inspired to help Amanda raise money for an Ekso suit – a wearable robot that will help her walk again. The kids inspired the creation of a website and short film to help Amanda reach her fundraising goals ( More importantly, the vision for the children to embark on future projects is coming alive. Through participating in this initial project and witnessing Amanda’s dream come full circle, the children will understand the power of philanthropy to make a difference in someone’s life. These kids are what Imagine Xo is all about. Dreams can become a reality.

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