Memories of Mom |

Memories of Mom

The most valuable lessons we learn as children are often those simple everyday lessons taught to us by our mothers. They are the lessons of love, respect, patience and laughter. And these are the examples we all hope to pass on to our own children.

The following are a few memories shared by two New Castle women, Karen Wentzel and Patty Ringer. Both of their mothers have passed on, but their memories still bring smiles to their faces. Karen is watching her own children grow, and Patty is a grandmother.

As a child on an outing with my mother I saw a stranger, a man with no legs, just sitting alone. I was uncomfortable, but Mom chose to sit down on a bench near him. Soon they were laughing together. When we left she whispered, “Never pity anyone who doesn’t pity themselves.”

Emily, my daughter, reminded me of those words just today. She elaborated … pity and fear are damaging ” they keep us apart from people who have so much to share. We can’t see their strengths and gifts, their integrity, through eyes of pity.

Thank you, Mom, your words spoken through my child, make me proud. Esther Carol Koenig, gone for many years, lives on because that day she “saw” that man as whole.

I love to remember the way my mom would get tickled at all the silly little happenings when her family would be gathered around. Her laugh was infectious ” what a joy to see her love and enjoy her family. I find myself easily moved to laughter, and my daughter Annie warms my heart when she bursts into giggles.

My mom was so sweet and patient. She raised eight kids who adored and admired her. As the eight of us raise our own kids, we realize just how patient she was. She always won the prize at church on Mother’s Day for having the most kids of anyone in the congregation. She just beamed every year when they announced her name.

I moved away from my home state and parents 14 years ago. Whenever I would come home to visit, I could see mom standing on the front porch or sitting in her porch swing awaiting my arrival. Now that I think of it, my grandma did the same thing for mom and our large family. I always knew mom’s warm, beautiful smile and hugs would make me feel right at home again. When my children go off to college someday, I will anxiously await their visits on my front porch that same way.

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