Men in black cast under suspicion |

Men in black cast under suspicion

Dear Editor:

Attention Glenwood Springs. It has been brought to my attention that the Wal-Mart shooter was wearing a black hoodie at the time of his crime. So be aware if you own a black hoodie, you may be a suspect in this most horrendous crime.

How many people in this valley do you suppose own a black hoodie or jacket of some type? OK, let’s narrow it down. How many males under the age of 40 own a black hoodie or jacket? Does this make them all suspects? That would be ridiculous. Surely that alone could not incriminate all of those innocent locals wearing black hoodies. Are the police that desperate for hard evidence that they would go around harassing innocent locals on that basis alone? It seems a very tedious, pointless, not to mention ignorant way of going about this so-called investigation.

This is not my feeble attempt at bashing the Glenwood police, or assuming I know anything about a police investigation. I merely wish to expose some of the recent ludicrous police acts.

Example 1. A friend of mine around the age of 21, in a local band, with no connection to the Wal-Mart shooting whatsoever, was questioned as a suspect in the shooting. Why would he be questioned, though, if there was no evidence to connect him with the crime? Oh yes, he is skinny and wears black, so he must be a homicidal maniac. It wasn’t that he really fit the description, but that he is probably the ideal suspect. Just the type of person the cops would love to convict for such a heinous crime, a young punk with no motive or connection to the murder, but he does wear black.

Example 2. This one is far more ridiculous. Another guy in his 20s, once again with no connection to the murder whatsoever. He was harmlessly walking near 7-Eleven in Glenwood. Two cops stopped him, told him to put his hands over his head and one cop actually pulled his gun on him. They did this not because he had done something wrong, but rather because he was wearing a black hoodie. This person did not fit the physical description in the very least. How does a black sweatshirt or jacket give anyone the right to accuse you of murder? This is one of the most astonishing examples of police work I’ve heard yet.

Example 3. This example only illustrates where the police efforts and manpower are going lately. A couple of young adults have a couple of beers quietly at the park and three cops pull up. Three. Why? There is a murderer on the loose. Focus on the dangers to society rather than a couple of harmless kids. Once again, this is not a personal bash on anyone, but it does look like something here needs a closer look.

Do you know how terrible it feels to be accused of something you didn’t do? It feels god-awful. No one should have to go through that. Under no circumstances should anyone have a gun pulled on them for wearing a hoodie. Will society ever understand that being young and wearing black does not make you guilty, nor should it make you suspicious? I’m sure plenty of crazy killers wear pink. Besides, what kind of killer would continue to wear the same jacket he committed his crime in, and still walk the streets of Glenwood late at night?

Now, let’s exercise brainpower rather than gun and manpower, and be a little more tactful when dealing with such severe matters. And to everyone else, don’t wear a black hoodie because that could make you a suspected killer.

Colette Quattrone

Glenwood Springs

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