Menconi would miss 240 kisses otherwise |

Menconi would miss 240 kisses otherwise

Heidi RicePost Independent Writer Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

EAGLE – The idea of missing time with his family and being away from his charitable work has led Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi to announce Wednesday that he will not be running for the District 8 seat in the Colorado State Senate.Menconi, a Democrat from Eagle, was elected as commissioner in 2001 and is term-limited at the end of 2008. He had been pondering a possible Senate bid.He and his wife, Anne, have two children – a 3-year-old girl and 18-month-old son. Anne recently took a job as executive director with the Eagle County Resource Center and Menconi is executive of SOS Outreach, a winter-sports-based youth charity organization, which he says has grown by 100 percent in the last season.”We’re both executive directors of two youth charities,” Menconi said. “I have been so honored and blessed to have served in public office and I would probably like to run again. I’ve been involved in some very important and critical issues. But with the kids at the age they are at, when I added it all up, I would miss 240 kisses in the morning and at night.”The comment was a reference to the time Menconi would have missed with his children during a typical legislative session in Denver if he had been elected to the Senate.Menconi said he supports fellow Democrat Ken Brenner of Steamboat Springs, who Monday in Rifle first announced he would be running for the District 8 seat.”I’ve met Ken and he’s a very committed man,” Menconi said. “He cares about water issues and he cares a great deal about environmental concerns and issues on the Western Slope.”Meanwhile, state Rep. Al White, R-Hayden, is also running for the Senate seat in District 8, which covers much of northwest Colorado. White has served seven years in the House and also faces term limits at the end of the year.The Senate seat will be vacated at the end of the year by Jack Taylor, a Steamboat Springs Republican who is being forced out by term limits.Eagle County Republican Muhammad Ali Hasan also has declared his candidacy for the Senate seat.As for Menconi, he is going to put his political aspirations aside and focus on his family and his work.”I’m a spiritual person and I believe God puts me where I’m supposed to be and I believe right now it’s with my family and my charity work,” he said.But then he jokingly added, “However, if the Denver Nuggets want me to play strong forward …”