Met some nice people on way from El Salvador |

Met some nice people on way from El Salvador

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Trinity Delgado

Compared to most 8-year olds Trinity Delgado was living the good life. But her life changed dramatically on April 30, 1989. It was on that day that Trinity’s father, a successful accountant, was shot once through the heart and robbed. During the months that followed, Trinity, her mother and her f4-year old brother struggled to recover. Delgado: I woke up that morning to my mother telling me my father had been killed and it was all a blur after that. We spent almost another year after his death in El Salvador. My mom realized pretty quickly that we weren’t going to be able to make it, financially or otherwise. It was the middle of the war, and we had family in the United States. We left El Salvador on Feb. 17, 1990. It was about a two-week trip, and we actually had it pretty good compared to most people’s stories of terrible crossings. We crossed three borders. It was not a bad trip, although it was harrowing at times.Gallacher: Were you afraid?Delgado: Yes, there was one time. My aunt was traveling with us. She is rather heavy and older. She couldn’t run as fast so I tried to stay with her. There was one point when she and I were crossing a field that we almost got caught. She couldn’t keep up so I tried to stay behind with her and there were helicopters above us. Luckily we managed to get away and continue.Gallacher: Did you walk the whole way? Delgado: No, we traveled a lot of different ways. We traveled by foot, by taxi, by plane and by bus. We stopped at many different locations in Mexico. The trip through Guatemala was actually pretty quick, but it was mostly the Mexican stays that I remember. We met a lot of really wonderful people during our stays in Mexico. We stayed in a couple of hotels and a couple of different people’s homes. There was one home in particular that I will never forget. The people there were some of the nicest people I have ever met. The woman there was so kind. She taught us how to eat hot and spicy Mexican food. Her kids were trying to teach me how to speak Mexican. In case we got stopped, they wanted me to be able to speak like a Mexican girl so they wouldn’t send me all the way back to El Salvador. They tried to teach us their accent as much as they could.Gallacher: Did you ever have any more contact with them?Delgado: Unfortunately no. They are part of the “coyote” network so it is not like you can have much contact with them.There was another scary time along the way. I get airsick. It has always been a problem for me, even as a little kid. So the short plane ride that we took along the way was about a 45 minute flight. And I was sick during the entire flight. The plane landed and everybody got off, and I was still sick. So my mom and brother had to wait for me to stop throwing up. And by that time our whole group had left and we were left behind. We thought we were lost. Luckily, we found a cab driver who knew the name of the hotel where we were going to be staying. By this time my mom is wigging out and saying to me, “I can’t believe you got sick through the whole flight. What were you eating?” I was being admonished because she was frustrated and didn’t know where else to put her anger. So the minute the cab driver realized we were lost and really scared, he tried to get us kids to not be so frightened. He gave us our first American quarter. He said, “Hey, look here kids. Here is a quarter for each of you. You can use it in America.” (weeping) Gallacher: So people were good to you along the way.Delgado: Extremely.

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