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Miners disprove notion Americans won’t do dirty work

Dear Editor:

The successful rescue of nine Pennsylvania coal miners trapped for days belowground transfixed the nation. Scenes of freezing, filth-covered men emerging from the rescue shaft thrilled us. Reporters on location spoke in almost reverent appreciation of these men and the risks they take daily. And judging by their accents during interviews, none of these miners is an illegal alien.

That must come as a shock to editorial boards around the country who tell us that mass immigration is necessary, because immigrants do the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs in America – jobs Americans won’t do.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fatality rate for coal miners is more than seven times higher than for industry as a whole, making it the most dangerous job in America.

This dangerous and dirty work, however, is still done by Americans, because the wages for miners are relatively high, well above the average for all other industries. Rightfully, industry must pay higher wages to those who do dirty and dangerous work, unless, of course, industry can hire illegal aliens.

Meatpacking is another dirty and dangerous job that was once also high paying and sought after by Americans. Beginning in the 1970s, however, union-busting corporations began importing illegal immigrants to do meatpacking jobs, even sending buses to the border to ferry illegals immigrants back to the packinghouses. Now those jobs are little more than minimum wage jobs, and the immigrants who fill them dare not complain since there are always others to replace them.

Americans were tossed out on the street and, insultingly, they later had to pay higher taxes for more classrooms, healthcare and other services required by their new neighbors in radically changed communities.

As Voltaire observed, “The rich will always require an abundant supply of the poor.”

Craig Nelsen

Colorado Alliance

for Immigration Reform

Lakewood, Colo.

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