Models flip out, goof around — all to delight of pool ad agency |

Models flip out, goof around — all to delight of pool ad agency

Tim O’Brien might have set some kind of record at the Hot Springs Pool last week.The 38-year-old Glenwood Springs man, a registered nurse at Valley View Hospital, did 27 back flips in 30 minutes during a photo session for pool’s new advertising campaign. It was the time spent, not the number of flips, that surprised the camera crew. “We had no idea he’d do them that fast,” said Shelly Kunkel, art director for the advertising agency Hill & Company. “He was in really good shape.”O’Brien was one of 12 local folks selected to model for the pool’s new brochure and other promotional material.The photo shoot was built around a core group of youngsters aged 6 to 8, plus a pair of adults playing a mom and dad, a pair of teenagers to go with the parents, a senior citizen, and Tim the back-flip man.One of the youngsters was Sage Rixom, who wore goggles for a tight portrait.The other youngsters were Mackenzie Goettle, Natasha Thompson, Laura Beth Needham, Christopher Nevarez and Garrett Goodstein. They all wore water wings in the pool, and were engaged in a goofy water ballet.”The kids were a riot,” Kunkel said.The mom and dad were Julie Maniscalchi and Larry Raymond, and the teens were Laci Skinner and Ryan Davis.Tony Svatos, the senior citizen, was featured in a portrait.For the family scene, Raymond and Maniscalchi were shown wading fully clothed down the steps into the therapy pool. Their luggage is shown on the pool deck, and their teenage kids look on with an “Oh my God” look.”Laci had (the look) down pat,” Kunkel said. “They were all great.”For most of the scenes, photographer Rick Souders used a 2 1/4 medium format camera, which produces sharper images than a 35mm due to its larger negative size.For O’Brien’s back flip shots, Souders used the 2 1/4 plus a 35mm with a motor drive, which can shoot several frames per second to stop fast action.Kunkel said the back flip picture will be used for the Hot Springs Pool press kit, rather than the brochure.The photo sessions were held under blue skies last Tuesday and Wednesday. “The weather was beautiful, and we got to use natural light,” Kunkel said.The photo session tryouts attracted more than 200 would-be models earlier in the month.Kunkel said the brochure should be ready by Memorial Day.

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