Mom steaming over pool conditions |

Mom steaming over pool conditions

Dear Editor,As a mother of four children ages 6 and under, I wanted to voice my sheer displeasure with the Hot Springs Pool. I have only lived here for a year, and I decided to buy a family pass last summer. Well, the Hot Springs Pool is not designed for families with small children and the disabled. My number one problem is that the baby pool has a set of about 10 steps that lead up to it.Last year I had to wait at the bottom until some stranger felt sorry for me (and my sometimes screaming children) to help me with my stroller up the steps or try and lug it up myself with all of my pool gear. I had to stop doing that in the middle of the summer when I became pregnant so I would not injure myself or the baby. Several times my younger children get up before me and the baby/stroller, and I was panicked that they would go in the water before I could get to them.I mentioned the problem that a ramp was desperately needed for people with children in strollers as well as the disabled to many of the lifeguards and pool management staff and got no response or help with the situation. They did let me know that all repairs and enhancements are done in the winter/off season.Which brings me to this season. I made several phone calls to the pool over the winter to have this problem remedied and finally was led to the pool manager. I left numerous messages for him and he has yet to call me back.This year I have a double stroller as well as two small children in tow. I can no longer physically lift this stroller up the 10 stairs to the baby pool, and I know there are several others in the same position. There is no attendant at the bottom and no ramp to speak of. What are we parents of small children and the disabled supposed to do?I would think that the money that the pool generates (note the increase this year) could allow for a ramp to be installed. I am sure that would be less trouble and much less expensive than what an injury to a person or small child would be.In addition there are other things that are not family oriented:-No family locker rooms-Too few bathroom stalls (for so many people at the pool on any given day)-Only one entrance to the pool – park at one end and have to walk all the way to the entrance and then all the way back down to the grassy picnic area-Baby pool does not open until 11 a.m., and it is way too hot for babies to be out by then.-Baby pool closes at 5 p.m. – families cannot use baby pool after dinner when mothers and fathers are finished with work and want to take babies for a swim.I have tried to go to the source and got no response. There are several mothers and fathers that are feeling as frustrated as I am! Please do something! This pool could be so much better!Swimmingly,Maureen M. BrownNew Castle

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