Money heading to Mexico is insignificant |

Money heading to Mexico is insignificant

Gary Hershoren

Dear Editor,

Pardon me Ms. Lich, but I don’t think that you’re on the same page with Mr. Anderson. One of you seems to be talking about bananas and the other penguins. Mr. Anderson originally wrote: “Many illegals work for cash only. And most of the cash goes back to Mexico.”

Who writes on their money “this cash is from an illegal.”?

Mr. Anderson continues: “Mexico’s third-largest source of income is from cash sent to residents from relatives . living in the United States.” Mexico’ first two sources must be pretty puny, at least in international monetary terms.

Now, Ms. Lich, you confirm Mr. Anderson’s 2003 comments with information from 1996. Furthermore you place a number on it, “4-6 million.” You also broaden the culprits from cash-sending illegals to “securities sellers, U.S. Banks, and that hallowed institution, Western Union.” I’m not sure we’re all responding to the same Anderson letter.

In my opinion, whether we’re #1 or #25 on this issue means little. Of course, most of us realize that we should always strive to be #1 in whatever we, as Americans, do. If you’re really concerned about this issue of “American funds” leaving the country, why aren’t you talking net amounts of funds per country, i.e., gross exports vs. gross imports, and include all our trading partners. I think that you will find Mexico far from the top of either list.

By the way, have you checked the place of manufacturer of your cell phone lately?

Gary Hershoren

Glenwood Springs

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