Moolick no history expert |

Moolick no history expert

H.S. Sundin

Dear Editor,

R.T. Moolick’s letter to the Editor in the March 13 Post Independent lecturing R.W. Boyle on history was highly entertaining, and demonstrated that the last person you should rely on for accurate history is R.T. Moolick. I quote from his letter: “You might start back in the American Revolution. When we had secured our precious freedom, all of the Tories were exported to Canada. They were not allowed to remain in the United States.” What a preposterous statement!

It is a fact that a very large number of Tories (conservatives) fled the colonies for Canada, England, and various British Caribbean Islands, of their own free will because they feared for their businesses, their property, and even their lives, in a country which they saw falling into the hands of a bunch of “radical liberals” like Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Somewhere around half of the Tories elected to stick it out, and stayed in the colonies throughout the Revolution and afterwards. They were not deported from the country.

Fortunately the founders of our democracy had the wisdom and tolerance to allow for differences of opinion among its citizens. It’s too bad that there are flag-wavers among us who have neither that wisdom nor tolerance of other points of view other than their own. If R.T. Moolick had been living in this country in 1776, there is little doubt that he would have been a Tory.

H.S. Sundin

Glenwood Springs

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