Moolick’s `childish antics’ criticized |

Moolick’s `childish antics’ criticized

Dear Editor,

Mr. Moolick’s recent “chicken” letter merits a response. It is ironic that Mr. Moolick uses the words “childish antics” in reference to American citizens exercising their right to freely and peaceably assemble. If ever there were an action deserving the description “childish antics,” it is Moolick’s own use of the word “chicken” to slight people whose political agenda is not the same as his. Modern fourth-graders have more maturity.

Moolick needs to look beyond his nose and see who some of the marchers indeed were. There were Vietnam veterans who were not “chicken” and who headed off to a different, ill-advised war 35 years ago that, like this Iraq mess, had no bearing on national security and served just to fulfill the agenda of the administration. Are these combat veterans “chicken” because they disagree with Scott McInnis’ views?

And I’m curious as to what description Mr. Moolick has for a president who, during the Vietnam war, used his family name to get a safe, secure National Guard slot here in the states, and then reneged on his commitment to serve, spending 14 months of his enlistment AWOL, presumably because he would have failed a physical exam due to certain metabolites floating around his system from “youthful indiscretions” as that same president lamely describes it today.

I would not belittle Mr. Moolick’s participation in World War II any more than I would belittle the pacifists who refused to go to war in that conflict. It takes just as much courage to stand up for your beliefs, however popular or unpopular, as it does to march off and follow the crowd. Dissent, and the right to publicly express it, are the hallmarks of a truly free society. That’s why the First Amendment is the first amendment.

Bob Shettel

Glenwood Springs

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