Moolick’s insults and accusations distasteful |

Moolick’s insults and accusations distasteful

Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Moolick’s letter, “Peaceniks peck away at war on terrorism.”

Before I even respond to yet another of Mr. Moolick’s attempts at a constructive letter I must express my displeasure at the editor for publishing it. You have on more than one occasion stated that you won’t publish letters that are more than name-calling and insults. In the short column you allowed him to use he referred to the “400 to 850 marchers” (by the way, quite a bit of precise reporting on the Post Independent’s part!) as: “chickens,” “clucking,” “we Americans vs. the chickens,” “terrorized chickens,” “childish antics” (that must be his reference to Americans’ right and duty to peacefully protest), “uneducated,” and “lack of loyalty for this nation.”

What am I missing here? This person continually vilifies anyone he does not agree with and you continually print his rantings. Allow him the same right as others to coherently express his ideas but enough of this already!

For the record I was not at the peace march, although peace is not something I am afraid to stand for. It is even more important to stand for it when people such as Moolick attempt to insult and question one’s patriotism and loyalty to our country by peacefully expressing disagreement with any policy, especially war.

This very scary concept was used extremely well by the Third Reich and the Brown shirts. If you don’t agree with them on who Germany’s enemies were, “you” became the enemy.

Mr. Moolick, you are not protecting our democracy with your insults and accusations. You only attempt to intimidate people that don’t tow your line. Hopefully someday you will wake up and see the damage you are doing. You have decided to support the “call to war,” and that is your right.

Others, who ache as much as you for the deaths on Sept. 11, have an absolute right and duty to express their disagreement with this war. Shame on you, Mr. Moolick, for questioning people’s loyalty and education for disagreeing with you. Quit making people who disagree with you “enemies of the state.” Americans should understand the dangers of this!

Fear the day when Americans turn into sheep and fail to express their opinions due to concern that people like you are insulting and categorizing them as unpatriotic or disloyal!

Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs

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