Moore says less is better in 2007 |

Moore says less is better in 2007

Heidi RiceGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

SILT – Nine years after Dave Moore was heavily involved in a recall effort that removed three trustees from the Silt Town Board, he now says the decision was a mistake – as is the current effort to recall him as mayor.The 1998 recall by the Committee of Concerned Citizens for Ethical Government successfully removed Claudia Plattner, Marcia Smith and Marcia Frey from the board in a July 1998 recall election after the trustees had voted not to renew the contracts of then Town Administrator Jim Yale and Police Chief Ed Foster.”That was a mistake then and it is a mistake now,” Moore said Friday. “What we should’ve done was let them serve out their terms and voted them out at the next election.”The CCCEG also sought to remove trustees John Steele, Craig Wallace and John Evans, but could not because they had not yet served a six-month term since being elected in April. Steele resigned in October of 1998, saying he would not put his family through the recall process. Wallace and Evans wrote letters of apology and retained their positions on the board when the recall effort was dropped.Moore, who was elected mayor of Silt in April 2006, is now the focus of a recall effort himself, which was filed by Silt Mayor Pro Tem Tod Tibbetts last week.Tom Oeltjenbruns, who was mayor during the 1998 recall election, indicated he was glad he is not involved with Silt politics anymore.”When I walked away, I walked away,” he said. “Last week dug up a lot of bad memories. It’s like, oh no, here we go again. “Evans would only say he found the current situation “unfortunate.”

Tibbetts claims the reason for the recall is that Moore has violated ethics codes, town ordinances and state statutes.”We’re the ones who make the rules and we should follow the rules,” Tibbetts said. “Our primary responsibility is to follow the rules that are on the books.”Tibbetts said the violations committed by Moore are all public record and on videotape for anyone who wants to view them.”We’re just trying very hard to get the facts out,” Tibbetts said. “All of our meetings are recorded and the issues I’m raising are part of the public record.”But Moore said he has done nothing wrong that warrants a recall. Perhaps, he said, he has made some procedural violations – such as letting someone talk too long during the citizen comment period – but nothing more than that.”There has been no mismanagement of money and no personal attacks,” Moore said. “There is nothing I have done to reach the level of a recall. I have worked hard and done my very best. I’ve dedicated hundreds and hundreds of hours to the town. Have I made mistakes? Yes. But I try to be as ethical as possible. I would put my record against anybody’s.”

About 40 people attended an informational meeting held Thursday night at Silt Town Hall by the committee seeking to recall Moore. The purpose of the meeting was to inform citizens of what the recall process entailed and to gather signatures for the petition.”This is a whole process,” said Peggy Tibbetts, wife of Tod Tibbetts, who also serves on the recall committee. “It was to give information to the public about what’s going on and what we’re going to do with this petition.”Moore showed up with an entourage of supporters. He was told the meeting was not a debate, but simply for the committee to give public information about the recall process.”It was advertised as a ‘public’ meeting, but I was told I could not speak,” he said.According to Town Clerk Sheila McIntyre, the petition was approved last Friday and the next step is for the committee to collect signatures in the amount of 25 percent of the votes received by Moore in the last election – or 111 signatures – by registered voters. The petition must then be filed with the town by Sept. 14, after which the town has 15 days to verify the signatures.After that, the petition will go to the board of trustees, which has 60 to 90 days to set a date for a recall election. If Moore is recalled, petitions may then be taken out by those seeking the mayor’s position.Tod Tibbetts, who has served two terms as mayor pro tem, said he has been asked by numerous constituents to run for the position of mayor and in the last election he did submit a petition to run against incumbent Mayor John Evans, but later withdrew it.Both parties say it will be up to the people to decide if there should be a recall.”We’re taking Silt’s temperature,” said Peggy Tibbetts. “How do they feel and what do they want us to do? We’re not prosecuting Dave, but this is the process.”Trustee Doug Williams was part of the original recall plan but he resigned earlier this week. He cited family reasons for his resignation.Moore said he is confident he will not be recalled and intends to campaign hard, as he did in the past.”I will win the election again – I’m not going to be recalled for procedural mistakes – if any,” he said. “I’m content in letting the people say, do they want to replace Dave Moore or do they want Dave Moore? But no matter what, I will walk out with my head up and proud of my accomplishments, knowing I have given it my very best shot and that I set a great example for my children.”

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