Morality plays out in government policies |

Morality plays out in government policies

Dear Editor,

Why is it the religious right can only define morality in terms of sex? They can’t get past gays, Hollywood, reproduction issues, and the most horrible of all (gasp), Clinton. For Pete’s sake, they’re still dragging him around like a dead cat.

Where’s the moral outrage of G. W. Bush being selected, not elected, by his father’s Supreme Court nominees after a dubious ’02 voting outcome in his brother’s state? After all, he did lose the popular vote by over 500,000. Didn’t that register on their morality monitors, not to mention their patriotism detectors? No call for election inspectors?

How about the unneeded huge tax cuts to the top percent? Insuring many a status-quo existence of low pay, long hours and small chance of getting ahead, keeping thereby a secure supply of cannon fodder and worker bees for the elite must cause some moral discomfort, as should the sight of these tax refunds being passed back to Bush’s regime as campaign contributions to insure the level in their trough stays high. This group sure wasn’t left behind.

Their morality microscope should be turned on this secretive, unaccountable and richest cabinet in history, multimillionaires all; the “poorest,” Condoleeza Rice, has a Chevron tanker named after her, I’ve read. Are these the American value dollars they talk about? The old adage “Cleanliness is next to godliness” must mean one greedy political hand washing the other. Or was it something about wolves in sheep’s clothing?

Sharon Robyn


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