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Dear Editor,

Is it the impending war against Saddam that has put some Americans so vehemently against our administration’s attempt to protect us against a known villain? Or is it the new trend of some Americans to detest and protest against many of the things that others of us cherish and are so proud of?

I don’t think that politics (Democrat vs. Republican) is the basis of so many things that we can no longer agree on, the very things that made us so great for the last many years. I feel that a small radical few, for some personal retribution, have magnified the voice of the Democratic Party to a call to change many of the ideals that most Americans cherish.

Most Americans cherish their rights to build a house of wood, drive a car using gasoline and accept the fact that all things were put here for the reason that we responsibly use them.

The purpose of this use is what the radicals have infiltrated into our everyday life. With doomsday approach, this misguided minority can make us believe that most Americans are terrible beings who are trying to destroy all forms of nature and humanity by driving over it in their SUV.

Of all the savage attacks on us “stupid” Americans that don’t understand the inner-meaning of this radical group, which is hidden in the Democratic Party, I find the recent attacks on my president the most repulsive.

Protest the war if you want, but raise your level of disapproval to one that shows your love to our country. Be a Democrat, but be one that keeps this country united, not one looking for a new way to tear it apart.

Scott Nocks


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