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Dear Editor,

The Democrats are very similar to the French. They both display “shortsighted selfishness, long term irresponsibility, impudent humbug and sheer malice.”

It was an executive order issued by President John F. Kennedy that allowed the National Education Association union to take over and virtually destroy the quality of education in our schools today. And, do the Democrats try to undo this devastating impact on our school systems? No! They want the labor funds that the unions might slip to them.

Our school teachers are great, but blocked from the quality of teaching they are capable of, by the NEA, which is supported by the Democrats.

It doesn’t do any good to pour money into the school systems until the teachers are no longer forced into mandatory membership into the NEA.

While you are looking at the Kennedy edict, look at the impact of mandatory labor membership in the Postal Service.

Did you know that mail doesn’t move much faster today than it did during the brief Pony Express days? Shocking, but true.

Now, if the Democrats weren’t so much like the French, they might set out to remove the Kennedy executive order, which allowed the terrible public employee bargaining to hurt our government employees, and the government, which, unlike industry, can’t fight back. (And that means you and me.)

Sincerely yours,

R.T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

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