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Dear Editor,

This letter is in regards to Mr. Boettcher’s column of March 13. I reread Mr. Moolick’s letter published in the March 7-8 edition, and the point of the letter seemed to me to be abundantly clear.

Your paper seems to have entirely too much lefty rhetoric when the majority of the western Colorado population doesn’t seem to vote in that direction. A better balance would be appreciated by more people than just Mr. Moolick.

Not knowing Mr. Boettcher personally, I’m not sure if he is truly that obtuse or if he was just lacking an idea for his biweekly rant.

Another thing Mr. Boettcher has totally wrong is the characterization of the people who support taking action in Iraq. A lot of us who believe this is a correct tack to take base this opinion on careful research of facts, others’ opinions, both left and right, and do not take our decision lightly, nor do we follow blindly.

One last thing I will say. I believe Mr. Boettcher to be an honest man. He didn’t include “thinkingly” in his cutesy signing off of his column.


Jack Voss


Dear Editor,

To those of you protesting this war, are you protesting against the war or are you protesting because George Bush is president? Try to be honest.

The answer is obvious that the great majority of you have a deep-seated hatred for all things Republican. The Hollywood elitists and the majority of the people protesting detest conservative views and anything that supports or uplifts the United States of America.

The silence was deafening from you people when Bill Clinton was launching cruise missiles into Iraq, when he bombed a pharmaceutical factory outside of Khartoum, or when he attacked the Bosnian Serbs in 1995 and 1999. Not a single peace rally was held against any of these military operations. Why is that? Weren’t there any “innocent civilians” living there? It is simple; he wasn’t a Republican.

When our Rangers were ambushed in Somalia and 18 young American lives were lost not a peep was heard from Hollywood or for that matter our little group of local protesters. Yet now, after our nation was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, when 3,000 innocent people were killed, after we all know that 1.5 million innocent Iraqis have been slaughtered by a ruthless dictator with WMDs, that he has proven he will use against anyone, you people hold rallies against a war to free them. Why the change? Simple, because an honest, God-fearing conservative sits in the White House.

Like the democratic leadership, like the Hollywood elitists, this is nothing more than politics to the majority of the protesters. This proves at best to be hypocritical behavior, and as we all know, a hypocrite is really nothing more than a liar. That is not name-calling; it is a fact.

Thank you,

May God bless our troops and the USA!

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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