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Dear Editor,

Well, I have to give R.T. Moolick credit for being consistent. He assumes everyone who reads his letters is as uninformed as he is. He consistently pulls out the Clinton card when he really gets desperate to score points with the “judges” in the battle of political mores. R.T., a well-balanced fighter, needs to fight with both hands – that would be the right and the left.

In that vein, a balanced democracy needs to work from both sides of the aisle as well. We as a nation need to be tolerant and open to the opinions of all. That does not mean you have to agree with them, but you could show in at least one of your letters that you recognize there are failings from the right too.

Let’s say for instance that you also used the example of George W. Bush not having seen the need to fulfill the obligations during his tour of duty in the Air National Guard. Maybe having showed up now and then makes him more of a man than Clinton; that’s your call. But certainly you could note that Dick Cheney, a major financial benefactor in this war, never served in the armed forces either.


Bryan Zukowski

Glenwood Springs

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