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Dear Editor,

I want to thank Bernie Boettcher for pointing out to me that I may in fact be a liberal. I always thought of myself as a moderate. But since I answered yes to all 10 of his liberals test questions, I guess I was wrong.

It does not however change my opinion of his tirades, especially the comments he made concerning honest liberals adrift on a river of blood while conservatives row toward a rainbow or something like that. That statement still chokes me up.

I am not afraid of liberal opinions. I am offended by anti-American opinions. Some of the opinions I read in this paper are borderline anti-American. Some are absolutely anti-American. Especially when we still have many of our troops in harm’s way.

I happen to know a few folks who are in Iraq in harm’s way, including my stepson. Each and every one of them would answer yes to most if not all of Bernie’s little test questions, and yet they fight for their country and for the freedom of the Iraqi people.

As I said before, honest liberals are not adrift. They know exactly what is going on and what has to be done. As for the other liberals, I guess we just have to draw our own conclusions.

God bless America,

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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