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Dear Editor,

This letter is in reference the seemingly endless diatribe from Mr. Bob Anderson. Lately, he stepped up his campaign to something like two or three letters a week.

Regardless of the subject, you can be sure that more people will always be added to his blacklist. Last week it was the Democratic Party. This week, it is the entire nation of France. Next week, who knows!

At the rate he’s going, he will wind up in a bunker!


Kenneth Jones

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Rumsfeld was on the Board of Directors of the Zurich, Switzerland, corporation, ABB, which built two nuclear reactors for North Korea in the 1990s. As the sole American on the Board of Directors he was asked to lobby for the Swiss company because an American company had complained about foreign-owned companies getting work.

Rumsfeld denies any recollection of his efforts now for ABB, even though one board member clearly remembers his lobbying efforts (see Fortune April 28).

It is strange that Rumsfeld cannot recollect any politicking, on behalf of a nuclear project, entailing vast sums of money, for a company he was a board member for at the time.

Why does Rumsfeld have amnesia about his significant role in placing two nuclear power plants in North Korea, the same plants now producing enriched UR for nuclear bombs that can reach Chicago?

Elfreda Lou Mortensen

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The residents of the City of Glenwood Springs will have a great opportunity to dictate the future growth of their community.

Due to the efforts of CVRG (Community Voices for Responsible Growth) and also our City Council’s support of a mail-in ballot, the people can send a clear message to uphold the city’s Comprehensive Growth Plan.

We can protect and respect our beautiful mountain town. “Vote No” on Red Feather Ridge!


Art and Laurel Cole

Glenwood Springs

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