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Dear Editor,

In the May 14 Post Independent there was a full-page propaganda ad listing 170 names. In the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, speaking out against the government would have been an invitation to mass burial. The ad asked “War; what is it good for”? War has freed oppressed people to choose the religion they practice. War freed people from bondage and brutality. Here in the land of the free and home of the brave it is our right to speak our opinions, secured by the blood of war and sweat of honest toil.

War is never pretty nor clean. The innocent and children always suffer. War is never the preferred solution. However, America’s patriots have fought the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, two world wars and various other conflicts around the world to guarantee the rights of freedom. Including your opportunity to preach your French, communist propaganda. I for one will continue to support and vote for political leaders who protect the freedoms and principle of our American way of life. I am proud of our current leadership and our military as well as their efforts to rid the world of terrorists and those who support them.

Perhaps rather than railing about the injustice of the war you would be of more service to the people of Iraq if you were there. Helping them learn about their new freedoms and rebuilding their new country.

Freedom is never free; it must be defended, fought for and worked on. God bless America!

Randy McIntosh


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