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Dear Editor,

As much as I loathe to stray from the issues, I feel I must reply to the frequent diatribes by Bob Anderson, Russ Coletti and others who use letters to the editor to carry out their campaign against my character. Contrary to popular belief, I am neither a leftist nor a liberal. I do not hate everyone who believes differently than I do; in fact I cherish diversity and freedom of expression.

I believe Bob, Russ and I have more in common than not. We care about America, we appreciate and use our freedoms and honor those who died for them, we feel it is our patriotic duty to respond to threats against the ideals that America stands for. The only real difference between us is that we disagree on where that threat is coming from.

I’m sure if Bob and Russ had access to the truth about what the current administration is up to, we would all find ourselves on the same side, fighting the threat against American ideals and freedom together. But because they have bought into corporate propaganda and government lies, they perceive me to be the threat, and try to diffuse the power of my words with outrageous accusations and childish name-calling.

Well Bob, Russ, you are wrong about me. What do you say we all go out for a drink together, toast our freedom, focus on our similarities and forgive each other our differences.

God bless America,

Sue Gray


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