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Dear Editor,Greetings from the South Dakota Black Hills. Ralph and I decided to wait several years before rebuilding our home on Mitchell Creek, so we have purchased a home in Whitewood, S.D., on Interstate 90 between Sturgis and Spearfish. We thank our friends and the community for all the comfort and support we received following the Coal Seam Fire. Having been born in 1936 in Glenwood Springs, I have followed the valley’s growth through the years. I’m saddened to continually read of the pettiness exhibited by individuals who stoop so low as to remove signs from private property, etc. It appears our lovely valley is taking on a big city territorial mentality. I do not understand why people who move into a small community to be free of a city’s rat race, turn around and try to impose their former city way of life and beliefs on the community they just joined. However, we do miss Glenwood Springs, and we will return. In the meantime, we are enjoying Ralph’s brothers and sisters, and numerous relatives here in South Dakota. Please stop in anytime – exit 23 on I90, second road to the right (headed west), name’s on the mail box. Our telephone number is (605)269-3969. We hope to see some of you at the Sturgis rally in August. Renae and Ralph BeslerWhitewood, S.D.

Dear Editor,I would like to add something to my earlier letter to the editor dated June 26. I had said that none of the vets would help us with my brother-in-law’s dog. Dr. Liz Chandler did say that she could come and bandage the leg, but that was all, we would still need to go to Carbondale or Grand Junction. I apologize for not mentioning that in the last letter.Chamaigne WadeRifle

Dear Editor, John Tindall, spokesperson for CRMP, attempts to misrepresent opposition to the mall as “No-growthers.” If he had read the letters to the editor carefully, or listened to the many people who have spoken out against the proposed plan in town meetings, he could have come up with a better label.I offer the following labels: No-Boondogglers, or FAFF (Folks Against Financial Fiascos), or even PWCAQL (People Who Care About Quality of Life). How about PIFLTS (People In Favor of Long Term Solutions), or PARD (People Against Ruinous Development)? OK, so the names aren’t very catchy – but they do summarize the main criticisms of the proposed development better than No-Growthers. Now that Target and Lowe’s are planning to go to Glenwood, a big box retail center without a committed anchor does seem like a recipe for a boondoggle.Although CRMP talks about committing $2.8 million to fund highway improvements, only $600,000 of that amount truly comes from their pockets. The lion’s share of the improvement costs ($2.2 million) will come as a fee or tax on all the purchases at the mall. That sounds like a financial fiasco to me. The square footage planned for the big box is larger than Sopris Park; the increase in traffic predicted by the developer, combined with estimates of current traffic would bring Glenwood-scale traffic to Carbondale! It’s hard to imagine better examples of ruinous development than these!Come on people, pick your label and vote no on July 15.Sincerely, Marc J. BruellCarbondale

Dear Editor,To have a mall, or not to have a mall is no longer the question. Now, the question is how to have the mall.Other factors need to be considered while considering how to vote on this issue:-To have growth, or not to have growth is also not a question. It’s happening. The question is how to grow.-To be able to afford town expenses – Carbondale is projecting a budget shortfall of at least $700,000 a year by 2006. -To have shoppers shop or not (for badly needed sales tax) is a serious question in all this mall mania.-The town already has an abundance of small shops struggling to survive. We don’t need more struggling small shops. We need some major name stores to draw shoppers to the area. -When I learned there was concern about the present plan to be voted on, I found the developers’ preview center and went to see for myself. I was surprised and impressed to see such a nice looking plan. So, if you care to know for yourself, go to the preview center on Main Street next to Ship of Fools restaurant. Don’t vote on the basis of my words, or anybody else’s.Personally, I think what is planned is great and I don’t want to see any more town time or finances wasted to haggle this thing out. Sincerely, Marilyn McDonald-McWilliamsCarbondale

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