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Dear Editor,

I was alarmed to read Mr. Bob Anderson’s letter where he states he and the right wing majority in this valley are being “forced” to read “rantings of liberals!” Who is doing such a thing, and how?

Do the letter thugs hold them down and force them to read the offending words aloud to prove they have actually read them? Maybe food and water are being withheld until and unless they have recited the letters by rote. Fiends!

Also, in trying to make the point that we live in (well, last time I heard, anyway) a blessed, free country, it certainly wasn’t made or kept free by right-wing, weight-throwing fans of muscle, pushing liberal thoughts and higher ideals of freedom and brotherly love aside by a majority of people whose God is their stomachs and bank books. It was protected from the very powers that are in the present administration’s right-wing Roman conquest ideology, by liberal believers in free thought.

If the complaint is tax dollars being spent on “liberal media,” I suggest following the money not only from taxes but how about the Social Security fund, right into the pockets of the above mentioned right-wing by way of Iraq and soon to be unveiled new wars of “liberation,” with contracts to rebuild.

Sharon Robyn


Dear Editor,

When I read the story of the police officer shooting a dog, I became alarmed.

The Klein boy, who is only 10 years old and has a medical problem, needs a dog as a companion. Pets are very necessary for a child in his condition. He will never respect policemen in this life, and I don’t blame him at all.

Our son died 19 1/2 years ago in Glenwood Springs at the Caravan Inn from epilepsy, a condition of the brain. He was only 27 years of age. I happen to respect the life of humans as well as animals. But evidently the policeman doesn’t have any respect.

I cried after reading the article in the GSPI. We enjoy your paper very much, but that article was depressing and very sad for the family.

Thank you for reading and knowing my feelings concerning this situation.


Pauline and Leo Tepper

Glenwood Springs and Denver

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