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Dear Editor,

With all the talk of raising taxes, having special mill levies, and now more than half of the states in the United States operating in the red, it has occurred to me that if everyone paid what they are supposed to in taxes, a lot of city, county, state, and federal fiscal problems would be solved.

That goes for individuals, business, corporate, some who are just not paying, others who are hiding behind questionable shelters, loopholes, write-offs, etc.

All of these entities that do not pay their fair share are basically stealing from those who do. They steal when they use roads, rest areas, parks, libraries, etc.

So remember the next time you hit a pothole, or go to a park and the bathrooms are out of service, and the library you need a research book from has closed due to financial problems, if you didn’t pay your fair share of taxes you got what you deserved.

Yet those of us who do the right thing, we just lose again and again.

So the next time you are eyeing that questionable write-off or shelter, or just not going to pay, go look at your neighbor, friend or relative (who pays their taxes) in the eyes and let them know how you are about to rip them off.

Thank you for your time.


Joe Meade


Dear Editor,

Terri Worm of Planned Parenthood has it wrong. Roe v. Wade is not liberating for women. Since abortion has been made legal, millions of babies have been cast aside from their mothers’ bodies. These babies, statistically of which half are female, have not been allowed life or any rights.

As for the women, the increase in sexually transmitted diseases, single mothers, and poverty are the result of a sexual revolution that included abortion.

Men, likewise, have not fared well with the availability of abortion. They no longer feel the need to act like men and are trapped in adolescent self-centeredness. There is no need for them to accept responsibly for their actions when there is an easy out of destroying their child.

Society as a whole has suffered the loss of 25 million citizens since Roe v. Wade.

Ms. Worm also has it wrong that abstinence-only sex education is unproven and medically inaccurate. Abstinence guarantees no pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Abortion is simply wrong, no matter how much we talk about rights.


Anne B. Baker


Dear Editor,

I’ve been reading editorial columns about our illegal alien woes. Some people want tighter border security and tougher immigration laws. Others feel we should help illegals become citizens or at least give them temporary legal status.

Firstly, our border hasn’t ever been secure. Illegal immigration would continue just as drug smuggling has, regardless of new laws or policies enacted.

Secondly, if we grant forms of amnesty to illegals we’ll be inviting more to follow.

Having stated what others have before me, I’d like to comment on what seems to never be brought up. The reason illegals risk their lives to come here is for work. Who supplies the job market?

Apparently, employers feel if they pay higher wages to American workers they cannot compete. Or maybe they make incredible profits off of low-wage workers who don’t cause a fuss if they’re not provided medical, dental, etc. I don’t know all the reasons, but I assume hiring illegal workers is just that, illegal.

I run a repair shop and have employees. I know how hard it is to find good help. As tempting as it might be to hire someone illegal to do menial chores ” Lord knows I need it ” I won’t. If I do, then so does my neighbor, and so on.

So where do you stand? Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? What are the fines if I hire an illegal to sweep the floors and take out the trash? I’ve read a lot of statistics from both sides in the paper, so educate me on this one.

Dan Brown


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