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Dear Editor,On Dec. 10 I had an incident caused by a neighbor’s construction crew, Gerbaz Excavating. The driver somehow hooked his track hoe onto the AT&T Broadband cable, which hangs too low and on Holy Cross poles and directly across the front of my home.The track hoe popped the cable, bringing the AT&T Broadband cable down. The transformer landed on top of our hot tub. The cable blocked the whole yard and sidewalk and popped holes in the lid and cracked the tub.This happened at approximately 4:45 in the evening. I have five grandchildren who are usually at my home after school playing in that tub or in the front yard. This day was an exception. Had they been there, the scenario would have been very devastating and possibly fatal to anyone coming into or out of the house or the children playing there.My concerns are the cable company promised, when they hung their cable, that they planned to come back and it would be buried. And all the other neighbors had agreed, so I was a good neighbor and said OK. They also said Holy Cross had agreed they could use their easements as long as we all agreed.How many residents have cable hanging 10 to 15 feet outside your picture windows where your children are playing? How many of you would OK this on your private property?I now have the main pole for Holy Cross with a big power tank within 10 to 15 feet from my house, plus a huge AT&T cable transformer and cable running across my 50-foot-wide property. I’m tired of them using my property for their main poles to power neighbors down 106 and Satank Road to the RV park to Aspen Glen or wherever.I am a lifelong native and I am tired of being taken advantage of by newcomers and being pushed around. I think more people in this valley need to stand up, look up and say what’s safe, not what’s on television. Take a look and stand up to these companies who coerce and lie to us and never come back to do what they are promising. I want some response and a better, safer plan from AT&T Cable and would like other residents to also be aware before they are set up in a bad situation.Thank you for listening,Charlotte BaileyCarbondale

Dear Editor,I have worked for Jeff Hiltner and found it very rewarding. Maybe not financially, but I know that he is a caring man. I wish there were more people like him in Glenwood Springs.There is so much more to tell about what’s happened to me since I’ve come here to work, but the main point of my writing is the kindness I have seen in Jeff Hiltner. I know that he would have had a much easier job paying people if some of them hadn’t stolen so much of the cleanup supplies he bought and cashed them in. A lot of his personal property has grown legs, even before he was tapped.I have been told by many of the honest and hard-working people that he had working for him that there were many who did no work and lied about their hours.What he lacked was organization, but that is coming together. I am doing what I can to help and if I get paid … cool … if not, oh well.I just pray and hope that the good people of Glenwood will step forward with good advice and support.What I was hoping to see was sponsors for the workers and our valley. If the worker could get a sponsor to clean or shovel snow for the elderly and disabled (which is my personal priority) it might help teach the children compassion. I figured if the worker got $10 an hour and another $5, it could go to the charity of the sponsor’s choice.Well, have a Merry Christmas.Phillip Leo “Top Hat” KrauseCarbondale

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