More parking would be a truly beautiful sight |

More parking would be a truly beautiful sight

It’s beginning to be a true fiasco in Glenwood Springs. I can hardly wait to get from week to week so I can drive up Colorado Avenue, down Grand Avenue, back down Cooper Avenue and up Blake Avenue to see how many more parking spaces will be lost to the building sites, brick decor, with the curb in the middle of the right-hand turning lane, prohibiting right turns on red and succeeding in backing up traffic even more.And then there is the topic of creating green grass, which we hardly have around us, considering we are surrounded with mountainous terrain.Give me a break. We found it necessary to eliminate about 42 parking spaces on Blake Avenue to create green grass, an island of cement to hit, and, oh, yes, straighten out the street. I lost this concept somewhere back at the beginning.Let’s not forget that most communities have at least a few parking spots marked 15- to 20-minute parking to accommodate some delivery and pick-up processes. This would be easy to do. We might make someone actually feel welcome. We like to eliminate parking in Glenwood Springs. Since we do, why don’t we at least make it profitable, and maybe even create some convenience for persons involved on a daily basis. You know, QUICK, pick-up and delivery.Heaven forbid that we would clean up some of the congestion by not having pedestrians cross with the turning lights. No, it makes more sense to have the peds almost get hit by drivers and peds that have waited so long for a light they have lost patience for the entire goings-on.I just know it must be true the persons in charge of some of these duties spend their waking hours plotting how they can clog traffic, beautify with less parking – parking spaces aren’t an attraction – and try people’s patience.Oh yes, and speaking of these curbs, how can we have the street cleaner working from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.? We do need to clean all of this, or at least act like we’re trying. Other places I know have workers who place signs or have placed permanent signs that read something like, NO PARKING, 4 A.M. TO 7 A.M. TUESDAYS. This is the time the street cleaner runs and, by the way, he does get the stinky curbs, gutters and streets clean. In other words, this requires some 11 p.m.-to-7 a.m. workers – you know, that good old graveyard shift.Boy, what a concept. I’m nowhere near the makings of an engineer. As a matter of fact, the only thing music and math had in common when I was in school was the first letter. However, it does make sense to try to create more parking instead of greens, cement and decor to cause accidents, than to delete, delete, delete a precious commodity. Adding to the beautiful surroundings we already enjoy seems a bit wasteful. The fact that the street cleaning would actually become reality rather than them thinking, “Now, how can I get around this barrier?” would be far more useful to all than too much decor. The trash and stink would be no more.I really feel some common sense would go a long way in this instance. Trying to justify a problem by ignorance, lack of thought and plain old stubbornness doesn’t do anyone or anything justice. I have been a longtime resident of Glenwood Springs. I have always been proud of the goings-on in this community. I have donated many hours of volunteer work to help our community. The way some of these things are being addressed is not becoming to the community or the people involved. I really think we should take a step back, admit we have made some mistakes and get them corrected. Don’t try to place blame on a misleading question and conversation. We need to move up with the times and demands. We need to channel the growth in a wealthy direction, not stop and jump off the moving bandwagon.Joyce Gornick is a Glenwood Springs resident and business owner.

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