More to the story in the Middle East |

More to the story in the Middle East

To the editor,

I feel the need to respond to some letters to the editor from Hal Sundin and others in regard to the tragic situation in the Middle East. Maybe I have held off writing because, being Jewish, I had concerns that some might feel I am blindly pro-Israeli due to my religion.

The only thing I am “blindly for” is peace. I ache for all people caught in this continual circle of violence in the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. Besides being Jewish, I have also had the experience of living in Israel, in Ein Gedi on the Dead Sea, across from Jordan.

With that said, I must say I feel articles such as Mr. Sundin’s could easily be described as simplistic and naive. I have no love for Sharon or the horrors of war, but to have armchair quarterbacks say this is simply Israel’s fault and the “tail must stop wagging the dog” shows an extreme naivete of Middle East politics.

Too many people have unnecessarily died on both sides. End of conversation! Let’s stop this scorekeeping, it’s nauseating. We must all feel everyone’s pain and try to offer views, productive and constructive.

If you for one moment believe this is simply a fight between Israel and the Palestinians, once again I must use the word “naive” to describe our view of these events.

If you ignore the obvious benefit to Saddam Hussein of keeping the fire burning in Israel to avoid American energy and action toward removing him, your vision is clouded at best.

If you write off as coincidence the fact we have been openly planning an operation against Saddam Hussein to remove his ability to support terrorism and direct it towards the United States, and the “coincidental” volume of suicide/homicide bombings of Israeli civilians, I say again such letters seem misguided and naive at best.

If you think for a moment that regimes such as Iran, Iraq and Syria are not a part of the grand scheme and funnel direct financial support for violence into the area, again I question your world vision. If you don’t at least wonder why funds flow into the region to reward families whose children commit suicide “for the cause,” won’t you wonder where is all the financial support from these oil regimes to help support the Palestinians and their infrastructure on a daily basis?

If you don’t wonder why Yassar Arafat wasn’t more receptive to Barak’s offer a few years ago, yet recent suggestions by Saudi Arabia for a settlement seem to closely mirror those, I question your judgment.

The most unfortunate reality in this whole mess is that both the Israeli and Palestinian people deserve peace. Yet I feel there are greater powers at work making sure this does not happen.

In peace,

Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs

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