More who hide behind false names |

More who hide behind false names

Dear Editor,Your guest commentator, Pete Letheby, writes in the Post Independent on May 17 about deceiving names of groups and their true agenda.He’s right. A person has to be very discerning when it comes to deciding which group represents a person’s beliefs. Here are some others to be aware of.-The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The Brady campaign enjoys strong support from Hollywood. And what does Hollywood sell us? Shoot ’em up movies, bang bang movies. The only thing they love to see is gun violence, which in turn lends credence to their cause, which is to ban your guns. Nothing about violence here folks.-Violence Policy Center. You would read their name and wonder, do they condone violence? Do they promote violence? Or both? Who knows. But what most people don’t know is that the Violence Policy Center spends most of its time discrediting the Second Amendment and your right to own firearms. But when a kid goes to the library and reads a book on how to blow up mailboxes, threatening innocent people, the Violence Policy Center has no comment because that kid enjoys the rights of freedom of the press. Next up is my favorite deceivingly named group.-Americans for Gun Safety. Gun safety? Are you kidding me? This is a group of anti-gun lobbyists in bed with the media, financed by billionaire Andrew McKelvey, whose ultimate goal is total gun confiscation. They won’t stop at local and national gun restrictions.You see, the fact is these groups have to hide behind these fake names because they know gun ownership is at an all-time high and violent crime is at a 20-year low. And their agendas aren’t too popular right now. And never will be in America.Gun safety? The National Rifle Association invented gun safety. If you want to protect all of your freedoms and be a part of a no-frills group, call 1-877-672-2000 or send $35 to the NRA. Oh, and incidentally, the Second Amendment was introduced to guarantee the rights of citizens to private ownership of guns, to keep in check the possibility of their government becoming tyrannical. Case closed.Dwight JuhlGlenwood Springs

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