Mothers are at the root of our success |

Mothers are at the root of our success

Out on a Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

I realize that by the time you read this, Mother’s Day will be long past. The role of mothers in human culture is, however, so important that I am compelled to comment.

Someone said that home is that place that when you go there, they have to take you in.

The foundational thing in the definition of “home” is mother.

The process of growing from baby to adult is a process of going from total dependency to productive living. A baby begins being totally self-centered. All of its needs and demands are quickly supplied by mother.

As the child grows, they slowly learn that if mother is happy, then everyone is happy. This process of learning to contribute to a happy environment expands to the whole family and hopefully to the whole community.

Mothers convey the concept that to love is to serve.

In a broader sense if you care about the environment you work to improve it. That is relationally, physically and spiritually.

So many people in our culture today have a sense of dependency. They have not advanced beyond childhood, and government is now their mother. The more we look to government to meet our needs the more we become dependent and have less freedom.

Self-reliance brings freedom.

Several factors are leading to our dependency and enslavement.

The feminist movement has an unintended consequence of degrading motherhood. Their pervasive attitude for women is that if you can’t do anything else, I guess you can be a mother.

Both this attitude and economics have caused more mothers to join the workforce and turn over the raising of their children to the government schools or other agencies.

Often mothers going to work is counterproductive. The family needs another vehicle, they eat out more, they don’t garden, there’s child care and it puts them in a higher tax bracket.

I see too many kids who would rather roam the community than go home. Home becomes the place that they go when there is no other place to go.

Kids don’t appreciate the playgrounds, the parks and the basketball courts. They trash them up, rip down the nets and carve on the picnic tables. Then they complain if things are not fixed.

The sense of dependency and of entitlement is a reflection of failed parenting. Comparing government to motherhood is probably not a good analogy.

I’m successful because mom taught me responsibility, self-discipline, innovation and resourcefulness. The term “nanny state” probably fits better. Government promotes dependency, which is, in a sense, slavery.

Another issue that has had a huge impact on the concept of motherhood is abortion. I know of no other creature in nature that systematically destroys its offspring. Nature demonstrates nurture. Birds frantically protect their eggs in the nest. They don’t intentionally kick them out before or after they hatch.

Somehow we have come to value self-gratification more than life.

Motherhood is so critical to our nation.

Mothers can teach their children to become suicide bombers or they can teach them to be aid workers, teachers and builders of our nation. Mothers can abandon their children to roam the alleys or they can adopt and love abandon children.

A flip side of the issue is the selfish, irresponsibility of men, but that’s a whole other issue. Cultural failure is not all at the feet of women.

If I honestly look back on life, my heartfelt gratitude is for my mother.

Many will remember the famous quotation of Abraham Lincoln, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” I can relate to that.

Another quotation that is relevant to our nation today is from Dorothy Canfield Fisher. She said, “A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.”

May God bless our nation by blessing our mothers.

“Out On A Limb” appears on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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