Mountain lion injures dogs near Glenwood |

Mountain lion injures dogs near Glenwood

A mountain lion attacked two dogs at a home along Four Mile Road near Glenwood Springs early Thursday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife reported.

The dogs, which were in their backyard at the time, were taken to a local veterinarian and were expected to survive.

Wildlife officers said the incident should be taken seriously and urged residents to always keep an eye on pets, livestock and small children.

“An attack like this is rare, especially in a residential area, but it can happen,” said Area Wildlife Manager Perry Will. “Lions are typically shy and reclusive, but they are also opportunistic apex predators. Because dogs have four legs, they resemble a prey item, and a lion will take advantage of an opportunity for an easy meal.”

Will added that lions do not consider humans prey, but because lions are large and powerful, people should be cautious and aware of the potential for interactions.

“There is no need for alarm or panic,” Will added. “But we do urge a healthy respect for lions.”

Wildlife officials say people can do several things to reduce the possibility of attracting wild animals to their neighborhood. One of the most important is to avoid feeding wildlife, which attracts predators.

Will and his officers will monitor the area for additional lion sightings. He urged the public to call Colorado Parks and Wildlife — 970-255-6100 — or the Colorado State Patrol — 970-824-6501 — immediately if they have had a close encounter with an aggressive wild animal.

For advice on living with lions and what to do in an encounter, go to

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