Movie reviews: ‘3:10 To Yuma’ a good Western that could have been great |

Movie reviews: ‘3:10 To Yuma’ a good Western that could have been great

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Three suns out of fourIf this wasn’t a Western it would have received four suns, no problem.Not because Westerns are bad, but because I hold Westerns to the highest of standards.Unfortunately, this movie should have been great – it had a dynamite cast and a terrific storyline.Christian Bale is good, and Russell Crowe is evil. This script should be nice and simple, especially considering this is a remake of a movie that was pretty good to begin with.Dan, the one-legged rancher with a heart of gold who feels he has lost the confidence of his family, decides to take the worst bad-guy of the time, Ben, to the train headed for Yuma prison. While Ben and Dan struggle with their inner good and evil, they shoot and get shot on the way.The problem with this version lies with the dialogue. There is simply too much of it.I want my Westerns to be full of guns blazing and cowboys riding beautiful horses, not chatting. I looked at my watch three times during the film, which is never a good sign. There are some really good things about “3:10” as well.First is Crowe’s character’s completely awful sidekick, Charlie (Ben Foster). He is the best character in the movie – he is exactly how I like my bad guys, pure wickedness. Not afraid to kill in a millisecond for his boss and loyal to the end.Also there is the criminal as a hero dynamic for Charlie. He has spent his whole life on the wrong side of the tracks, yet he’s not fully committed. The indecisive character always plays well today with an audience full of people who are not so sure about their own lives. All in all this film is worth watching, however, it is not the end-all Western it has been set up to be. Go see it with an open mind, and leave your expectations at home.

Three suns out of fourI know people are going to laugh for giving this movie such high ratings.But guess what? It is incredibly entertaining.Sure, the plot is thin and the effects are mediocre at best. However the acting is solid and the action is worthwhile. The main characters are four hot women – Jaime Pressly (“My Name is Earl”), Devon Aoki (“Sin City”), Holly Valance (“Prison Break”) and Sarah Carter, a newcomer. This is a “Mortal Kombat” (1995) for the year 2007. The theme is based on a prestigious fighting tournament that recruits only the best in the world for a $10 million prize.This film has it all, from women fighting in bikinis in the pouring rain to martial arts that include killing someone with one finger. “D.O.A.” is not afraid to be what it is – a cheesy attempt at an action flick.And let us be honest, who does not want to see Jaime Pressly kick the heck out of WWF pro wrestler Kevin Nash?”D.O.A.” gets a four of four as far as pure entertainment goes. But hey, it is just plain awesomely bad.

If a real Western is what you crave, do yourself a favor and rent this classic.”Tombstone” includes Val Kilmer’s best role ever as Doc Holiday. And let us be frank. Anyone who lives in Glenwood should know this story and have seen this movie. We have an emotional and historical tie to this film.Plus, it is incredible.Like Wyatt Earp (our own Kurt Russell) says, “I spent my whole life not knowing what I want out of it, just chasing my tail. Now for the first time I know exactly what I want and who … that’s the damnable misery of it.”Now how could you not have seen that?

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